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The red carpet was rolled out at 398 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive for VIPs like Nancy Pelosi, who was then the House minority leader; Gov. Chris Christie; Sen. This season has been full of minor controversies and concerns for the Canucks, but no more than every other campaign. Anyone foolish enough to bet that we would run the table and go 82 0 has long since got what was coming to them (your hubris jinxed us!). Recent issues aside, the Canucks are still sitting pretty and a game or two away from clinching a playoff spot..

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Well, that's when things took a left turn. He became quite irritated and told me that there was absolutely no way he could do that; every penny he and his wife brought in was already allocated and they just couldn't afford to hold on to any of it. Everything he said thereafter just demonstrated all the more that he really NEEDED to have some savings cushion: his wife's position was not secure; the business she worked for may be folding, they had just had a baby.

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