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It was just crap that I did it and it ended up affecting someone else's race, so I'm not happy about that."Thomas has accepted Woods' apology and shrugged: "It's just one of those things. These crashes happen. It wasn't like Woodsy meant to crash. The logic behind this strategy for Team A is somewhat straightforward, though it relies on two key points: 1) That Team B doesn score again, and 2) Team A scores another touchdown. Furthermore, this strategy values playing for the win over playing it safe to force overtime. But following it allows the trailing team three separate paths to a win.

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Now we need to address our OL wholesale jerseys and secondary. Case or Haskins or Burrow or Tua who cares, our OL is absolutely a priority. We don't have a hyper mobile QB to compensate for a weak OL and even then unless you have Lamar Jackson you still want to put the best OL in front of them as you possibly can.

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